The Unsuni project intends to bring the stories of those people, the faceless, voiceless, helpless masses, to the forefront of our conscience, to the front pages of the news. While not wanting to take away pride in India’s successes, we want to provoke those who can make a difference to take action to make things better for the unfortunate.

Volunteerism for the benefit of the less fortunate is not part of our being. Countries like the United States of America have not for profit institutions which run nearly entirely on volunteerism. These include social institutions for the elderly, the orphaned or the mentally challenged; they also include most arts and cultural organizations. People give of what they have – accountants offer to do their accounts for free twice a week; lawyers offer legal aid; mangers set up systems; students offer other skills or time; painters teach classes for youth dealing with trauma; dancers offer classes to arthritis sufferers. The list is endless.

The Unsuni project intends to start a similar movement in India. A movement of saying I care. A movement of showing that we care, of knowing that everyday each of us can make a difference.

Darpana, the arts institution of Ahmedabad, has launched the movement through its production UNSUNI. It aims at taking the production to people across the country, starting with schools and colleges. It has sent out appeals for sponsorships to businesses and is starting to get commitments to make this possible.

To know more about Unsuni, visit us at the Unsuni Website